On-site Summer Programs

(Age level determined by grade completed Spring 2022)

Summer 2021 - TBD


There are half-week and full-week opportunities for children completing 2nd grade and up as well as day activities for children completing grades K-2nd August 10th-13th.

K - 6th Grade

Cost: $25 per child ($20 per additional sibling)

or $95 per child for a season pass!

Medora Day Camp

11:00AM -5:30 PM, Monday - Wednesday 

This sneak peek of camp gives our youngest campers the chance to have a day filled with fun and faith in the beautiful badlands, but without spending the night. 

  Please indicate on the registration form how many and which days your camper will be attending. 

| 1 day: $40 | 2 days: $75 | 3 days: $100 | 

K - 1st Grade

Week 8: August 8th, 9th, & 10th

Trail Blazers

All the adventures of a great week at camp, but with a shorter time away from home! This 3 day, 2 night program is great for younger campers who are excited to learn more about God, meet new friends, and enjoy many fun-filled camp activities.

2nd - 3rd Grade

Week 2: June 19-21

Week 2: June 22-24

Week 4: July 10-12

Week 4: July 13-15 

Week 5: July 17-19

Week 5: July 20-22

Cost: $210


Are you ready to see what a full week of camp is all about? Explore this! We will let you stay for a full week of hiking, crafts, games, campfires, worship and SO. MUCH. MORE! Bring your friends, you won’t want to miss out on this fun program.

3rd -4th Grade

Week 2: June 19-24

Week 4: July 10-15

Cost: $365


4th - 6th Grade

Week 4: July 10-15

Week 5: July 17-22

**Week 7: July 31 - August 5


Cost: $365

A full week of camp in the badlands packed with all the “must haves:” hiking, great Bible studies, swimming, creative crafts, fun games, campfires, exploring nature, and singing songs. 

**May add 3 days of horsemanship Week 7 for $75.


This rustic program gives your camper the opportunity to enjoy  life in the great outdoors while still participating in all the experiences of our onsite programming. Youth will camp in tipis, cook meals over an open fire, learn about the plants and animals in our area, go hiking and stargazing, and so much more! No camping experience necessary!

5th - 6th Grade


Week 2: June 19-24


Cost: $365


Working with our professional wrangler onsite, learn horsemanship basics and riding skills, and experience connections between horsemanship and living lives of faith. There isn’t a more beautiful place to learn more about God and these amazing creatures! 

6th - 12th Grade


Week 8: August 7-12


Cost: $495


6th - 12th Grade

Week 7: July 31 - August 5

Cost: $445

Named one of the “World’s Best Golf Destinations” by Golf Odyssey©, the Bully Pulpit Golf Course is located less than a mile from Badlands Ministries. During this week you will work with our counselors and Bully Pulpit golf pros to learn the basics of the sport while also enjoying all the activities of a full week at camp. All skill levels are welcome, please bring your own clubs.

Golf Camp

Week 3 (June 26 - July 1) 6th - 8th Grade

Week 6 (July 24th - 29th) 7th - 9th Grade

Cost: $390

Come be a part of this unforgettable Badlands Ministries tradition! This program includes all of the great activities of a week at camp except that we sleep by day and play by night. We’ll learn more about God and each other through high ropes, late-night Bible studies, night hikes, campfires, and glow in the dark games. Watching the sunrise in the badlands is an amazing sight-come see it for yourself!

Night Life
High Adventure

While Badlands Ministries does not have a set week for a high adventure program for 2021, we can provide a custom high adventure experience for youth groups that could include high ropes, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and more.  We also could use our staff to lead a custom high adventure trip out of state as well.  Please contact Badlands Ministries at 701-623-4332 if interested,


Come and enjoy this week of camp built just for high schoolers.  Enjoy some of your favorite camp activities such as all camp, high ropes, hiking the butte at sunrise, staying up late, while also adding in new adventures that are just for you.    We can’t wait to spend another week with you!

*This camp is for those who have finished

9th grade through 12th grade.*

9th - 12th Grade

Week 7: July 31-August 5

Cost: $390

High School

Do you live and breathe camp and would love to be a camp counselor some day? This program gives you the opportunity to work alongside our staff to share your experience with the next generation of campers. Contact the camp office for details
and an SIT application.

10th - 12th Grade

Week 2: June 19-24

Week 4: July 10-15

Week 5: July 17-22

Cost: $235

Staff in Training

Enjoy a week of camp with your horse in the badlands.  This is a program for the camper who has had some experience with horses and is looking to learn more with their own horse.  Bring your horse to camp and learn more about horsemanship with our camp wrangler while enjoying the beautiful badlands.

*You must submit a 2-3 minute video of you and your horse doing the following:





Turning both directions

Send videos to ad@badlandsministries.org

6th - 12th Grade

Week 7: July 31-August 5


Level 2 Wrangler

Campers at Badlands Ministries are placed in small groups with young adult counselors who guide them through each day of activities. Our ministry strives to bring our Christian faith to the reality of today's children and youth, and our summer programs emphasize faith growth, relationship building, love for God's creation, and developing young leaders.

We hope this summer is a time for your whole family to grow in faith through this experience! Parents are welcome to tour the camp when you arrive for check-in and to participate in our closing worship on the last day of camp. Parents are also encouraged to utilize campers' Manna Books in the weeks following camp to share the camp experience as a family. We believe that the home is a very special place for the faith formation of your child, and are proud to be your partners on this journey we call faith.

Badlands Ministries strives for excellence, if you have any comments, concerns, or questions regarding
our camp programs, staff, or policies, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. 



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