Summer Staff

2020 Summer Staff.jpg
Put your faith into action!

Badlands Ministries is looking for energetic and dedicated young adults who love to see faith work through them as they teach youth about The Bible and God. Working here will allow you to walk in faith with children and peers. For three months you will learn more about yourself, God, and others as you are supported and prayed for by your home congregation and those around you. Let this summer be an experience of a lifetime, apply today!


Torrin Poss | 2016-2017

"Badlands Ministries is like a second home to me. It is impossible to pick one single thing that I love most about it. I love the beauty that surrounds the camp, the calm quietness of being away from the city, and the kindness of everyone who works there. ... I miss the [kids] excitement, energy, and endless love for Jesus."